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  • Assesses employees’ fitness to work
  • Promotes a culture in the working community of safety
  • Encourages support, not policing

As human capabilities can be affected by a range of factors including fatigue, stress,illness, medication as well as drug and alcohol abuse, there is growing interest in non-judgemental performance related testing to determine fitness for work.

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OSPAT systems involve non-invasive, on-site, performance assessments undertaken at the commencement of each shift. Individuals are not tested against arbitrary industry or community benchmarks. The result of each personal performance assessment is compared with that person’s own assessment history. Results significantly outside the person’s current performance profile indicate that for some reason, the person’s fi0tness for work may be impaired.

OSPAT assessments identify significant variations between an individual’s current assessment and their historical profile. Results are relayed in real time to the individual concerned and the supervisor(s) having an irrevocable duty-of-care for safety in the work place. Results are also recorded in a comprehensive database usually administered by occupational health and safety managers.

In addition to being non-invasive and non-judgemental, OSPAT provides maximum privacy of each person’s assessment data.

Responsible employers do not endeavour to police the social behaviours of employees. Their preference is to encourage a healthy lifestyle by education and to provide support through employee assistance programs, if required.

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